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About AlexHephaestion Tours

Our founder
Founder of AlexHephaestion Tours Company

Meet The Do, a passionate individual with a unique journey that led to the creation of our groundbreaking LGBT travel company. With a decade of experience in guiding, The Do possesses a profound understanding of travel's transformative power. As a Catholic and a gay man, he faced personal challenges in reconciling his identity. However, it was through the very act of traveling that he found acceptance and embraced his true self. Now, driven by a deep desire to empower others, The Do is devoted to helping fellow LGBT individuals embark on transformative journeys, using travel as a catalyst for self-discovery and acceptance.

Our story
Why we name AlexHephaestion 

In the annals of history, the love between Alexander the Great and his loyal companion Hephaestion transcends time as an extraordinary tale of profound affection and devotion. United by a bond that went beyond mere friendship, their relationship flourished in the crucible of triumph and adversity. From their shared dreams of conquering empires to the tenderness in their private moments, their love illuminated the ancient world. As generals and soulmates, Alexander and Hephaestion's inseparable hearts beat as one, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to inspire and intrigue generations, proving that love knows no bounds, not even those of history's greatest conqueror. Their love story has inspired our founder to name the company.​

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Our mission

As an LGBT travel agent, our mission is to create extraordinary journeys that embrace diversity, acceptance, and empowerment. We curate inclusive travel experiences that celebrate the vibrant LGBTQ+ community worldwide, ensuring every traveler feels safe, valued, and free to be themselves. We actively seek out destinations and accommodations that support and uplift local LGBT communities, promoting fair and equal treatment, and fostering a positive impact on local economies. Some of our benefits are used to support for local LGBT who is needing a helping hand. Through travel, we aim to foster understanding, break barriers, and build bridges of acceptance, while leaving a lasting, positive footprint in the places we visit.

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