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 hanoi food and fun 


3 hours, Hanoi

Embark on a whirlwind culinary journey through the bustling streets of Hanoi and indulge in a delicious array of local street food delights with our local LGBTQ+ tour guide. In just three hours, you'll get a taste of Hanoi's vibrant flavors, from savory banh my and Pho tron to refreshing bia hoi and delightful egg coffee. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and experience the best of Hanoi's street food scene. Here are some of our highlights.

3 hours from Hanoi



Travel style: 

The trip is built for adventurers of all ages with age-appropriate activities 

Physical rating: 

Light walking suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing too challenging.

Trip style: 

Minimum: 2 pax  (if you are a solo traveller, there is a single supplement)

Age requirement: 

All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


2 - Light

​Group or Private


Tour itinerary

Banh My (Vietnamese Baguette)

Start your tour at a popular street vendor serving mouthwatering banh my. Sink your teeth into a crispy baguette filled with your choice of grilled meats, pâté, pickled vegetables, and fresh herbs. Let the combination of flavors and textures create a symphony in your mouth, setting the stage for an exciting culinary adventure.

      Pho Tron (Noodle Salad)

Make your way to a small eatery specializing in Pho Tron. This dish features shredded chicken, vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs, and a tangy dressing. The refreshing combination of flavors and the satisfying texture of the noodles make this a perfect option. Sit among the locals and enjoy the bustling ambiance.

Bia Hoi (Fresh Beer)

No street food tour in Hanoi is complete without a stop at a bia hoi joint. Head to Bia Hoi Corner, a lively area where you can savor the local specialty—fresh draft beer. Pull up a small plastic stool, join the locals, and enjoy the light, crisp taste of the beer while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of Hanoi's streets.

Banh Cuon (Rice Cakes) or Banh Xeo (Crispy rice pancake)

Indulge in Hanoi's traditional rice cakes at a local vendor’s. Banh cuon, is a delicate steamed rice roll filled with minced pork and wood ear mushrooms. Another  alternative is Banh xeo, of which name  comes from the sound ( sizzling) when being cooked on the hot frying pan. The savory made of rice flour, water and turmeric powder. Both dishes showcase the delicate flavors and skillful craftsmanship of Hanoi's culinary traditions.

Ca Phe Trung (Egg Coffee)

Satisfy your caffeine cravings with a visit to a local coffee shop, a hidden gem tucked away in the city's Old Quarter. Experience the unique pleasure of sipping on traditional Vietnamese egg coffee. The rich, creamy blend of coffee and whipped egg yolk creates a luscious and indulgent beverage that will leave you wanting more. This the highlight of the tour as we are visiting the original family who created this delight and listen to the story of egg coffee creation.


End your street food tour on a sweet note with a visit to a local dessert spot. Sample traditional Vietnamese sweets like ice cream sticky rice, a refreshing dessert balance with the sweetness of ice cream and fragrant young sticky rice. Delight in the medley of flavors and textures as you indulge in these sweet treats, providing the perfect finale to your culinary adventure.

Although Hanoi's street food scene is vast and diverse, this express tour allows you to savor some of the city's most iconic and delicious dishes in just three hours. From the satisfying banh my and Pho tron to the refreshing bia hoi and unique egg coffee, along with the savory banh xeo or banh cuon, and the sweet delights of Vietnamese desserts, this culinary adventure offers a whirlwind exploration of Hanoi's rich street food culture. So, join in and discover the irresistible flavors that make Hanoi's street food scene so unforgettable. Bon appétit!


The tasting dishes are subject to change due to the time of the day, seasonal ingredients and your requested diet. Vegetarian food is also available.

What's Included/ Excluded

All drinks and tasting dishes mentioned in the itinerary

LGBTQ+ local guide

Travel insurance

Tip (local guides)

Personal expenses


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